Atlantic City Slot Machines

slot machineSlot machines are known by a variety of names – slots, one-armed bandits and fruit machines – and they too reflect and define gambling. The jangling of bells, flashing of coloured lights and the cacophony as silver coins tumble out of winning slot machines all add to the excitement and hype of Atlantic City casinos.Virtually every single game imaginable is now available on electronic slots – roulette, dice, solitaire and poker are just a few of the hundreds of variations on offer in the large gambling destinations of the US and Europe. What makes the slots the most popular form of gaming is that the stakes vary from as little as a dime to as much as $1000, so the games cater for all-comers.

Valuable Slot Machine Tips

As with any game there is a tried and tested way of playing the slots, and here are a number of tips which will hopefully keep you well ahead of the game:

It is possible to ascertain the frequency of wins by reading the pay tables at your chosen machine. If you notice a lot of combinations returning smaller wins, then you can be pretty sure that the particular machine will usually have a higher hit frequency than one that has fewer combinations but pays out larger wins. Many players prefer to win small, but often.

It is wise to be frugal with your profits. Should you be lucky enough to win, then it is a good idea to take your original stake and a percentage of your profit and shove it in your pocket or handbag – these winnings are now effectively out of the game. There is nothing worse than pulling off a couple of wins, but at the end of the day you have nothing to show for it!

Remember to keep a detailed gaming log. Should you be fortunate enough to win a jackpot of $1200 or more, you are liable to pay tax as the casino reports all large jackpots to the IRS. If you keep an accurate gaming log you can use your losses to offset the winnings when the tax man calls.

Play one machine at a time. Many punters play as many machines as possible, and as fast as possible, believing that they have a better chance of winning. In fact, quite the opposite is true – the more machines you play, the more you are exposed to the house edge!