Atlantic City Weather

Atlantic City is situated on an island in the cold Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Jersey, and this plays a major role in the city’s weather conditions.

Visitors to Atlantic City can enjoy the many attractions and casinos virtually all year round, unimpeded by drastic weather conditions. Although the climate is officially classified humid continental, it does tend towards the subtropical at times.

Atlantic City Weather – Summertime at the Beach

Summers start much later in Atlantic City than the northern and inland areas of New Jersey and they last much longer. The temperatures are kept relatively low, and far more pleasant, by the constant breezes which flow in off the ocean.

July is traditionally the warmest month with average daytime temperatures reaching a very comfortable 23.72 degrees Celsius, but it is also the wettest month with about 3.86 inches of rain falling.

Possibly the very best time to visit this gambling Mecca is in June. Although not the warmest month, it is very close, but it is, on average, the driest month with only 2.66 inches of rain per annum.

If, however, your idea of a perfect holiday break is to recline on the beach with a good book, then it is definitely better to visit in August – it has the highest percentage of sunshine all year round at 65%, July and September follow closely with 61% of sunshine and then June comes in third with 60%.

Atlantic City Weather -Casino Winters

The winters are far milder than that of the mainland and this is a direct result of the city’s proximity to the Atlantic. January is traditionally the coldest month with overnight temperatures reaching -6 degrees Celsius.

There is very little snow to talk of, the average being 15.7 inches, but the big plus for winters in Atlantic City is that even in the darkest days of December there is still 47% of sunshine to cheer up the intrepid traveller.

Tornado Activity

The city is sometimes affected by tornados and hurricanes that blow in off the coast, but all-in-all there are no real big surprises as far as the weather goes.

Tornados very occasionally sweep in and cause some damage to the city, but the tornado activity is well below the US average. There have, however, been two tornados in the recent past that have caused millions of dollars worth of damage in and around Atlantic City:

  • In 1983 a category three tornado with maximum wind speeds of between 158 & 206 mph hit 23 miles out of Atlantic City.
  • In 1970 a category two storm hit within the city limits and wind speeds reached up to 157 mph – again damage was extensive.

Whatever the weather, there is always plenty to see and do in Atlantic City, but if you can’t get to this burgeoning gambling destination, why not go online and indulge yourself with a bit of gaming.