Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa

Borgata means ‘little Village’ in Italian, but this is clearly a misnomer as the newest casino on the block is also by far the largest. It is a veritable colossus – not only is the 43-story main tower the tallest building in the whole of South New Jersey, but it boasts the largest poker room in the entire city.

The ‘Big’ appeal

  • It has 2002 guest rooms
  • Conference and meeting facilities cover 70 000 sq ft
  • There are 13 gourmet restaurants
  • A 50 000 sq ft spa
  • 161 000 sq ft gaming floor
  • It was built at a cost of $1.1 billion!

The Borgata was effectively built to entice the high rollers from Las Vegas and to act as a catalyst for further expansion by the other casinos in and around the city. Whatever the influence has been on reinventing the casino industry, it has proved to be a huge success. Reports indicate that the Borgata shows an unparalleled profit of $600 000 per day!

The Controversial Connector

Built in 2003, the Borgata has had its fair share of controversy. In an effort to direct punters to the new hotel the owner, Steve Wynne, a famous LA casino resort developer, ruffled the feathers of not only the Atlantic City locals, but competitor, Donald Trump. He mooted direct access from the Atlantic City Expressway to The Borgata, and against all odds managed to get his idea to fly.

A 2.5 mile tunnel, the Atlantic City Brigatine Connector, was constructed from the Expressway to the new resort, and in an effort to appease Trump, who had taken him to court over the issue, he included an exit specifically for Trump’s property on the marina.

Mafia Miscreants

With profits that stupefy, it was only a matter of time before there were whispers of mob interference in the Borgata, and in November 2007 the authorities worst fears were realised. Twenty three people, including casino employees, were arrested, and the suspected ringleader, Andrew Micali was charged with loan sharking, money laundering, gambling promotion and criminal usury. Micali is a known associate of jailed Philadelphia Mafia boss, Joseph ‘Skinny Joe’ Merlino, an alleged member of the notorious La Cosa Nostra Mob family. For more details on mafia involvement in the Borgata take a look at our mafia page.